Prasad Bhave

May 23, 2021

3 min read

Covid vaccine — a myth !

Looking at the hoopla of “Vaccine against Covid” / “Vaccine against Corona Virus ( SARSCov2)” in a scientific manner, with evidence from data and science makes one wonder and forces one to think if this is a right way to tackle the pandemic.

A virus that is modified form of HIV and Influenza A virus, seems responsible for this pandemic. This type of virus is notorious in mutating frequently and has shown its “immunity” to various “vaccines” in past. The current data and cases of deaths after full vaccination pose many questions to scientific community and clinical researchers :
1) Are Vaccines targeting surface antigens of virus effective against mutants ( that may not express that particular surface antigen)
2) Is vaccine targeting a surface antigen a right strategy ? Are they true vaccines against all the mutant variants of virus ?
3) Multiple vaccines are in market that are specific to certain strains and variants of virus, but are they truly effective against other strains causing COVID ?
4) Could m-RNA vaccine be the only option ( But again, it may have numerous adverse events even during early clinical trials !)
5) Is “Covid vaccine” a myth ? Could an antiviral therapeutic measure be the real answer ?

Observations :
1) Covid cases surge in episodes and waves. Multiple waves of such surges are observed in various countries and regions ( as expected in case of any viral pandemic).
2) Every wave brings forth a new strain / variant / mutant
3) Fully vaccinated subjects have succumbed to the newer strains/variants/mutants of virus ( Case of Prof from US visiting India, Case of Dr Aggarwal of IMA)
4) Immunity rendered by a Vaccine is totally dependent on the subject and its health status ( vaccine ineffective in vulnerable population / immune compromised)
5) No effective anti-viral therapy has been tried in last 18 months.
6) Vaccine that targets surface antigen is easier to make but may not be effective in strains that lack that surface antigen.

Thoughts :
1) Every vaccine (irrespective of the company ) that targets surface antigens may eventually prove to be ineffective against some other strains that lack that particular surface antigen.
2) The virus is highly pathogenic to vulnerable population who is NOT protected by any vaccine !
3) m-RNA vaccine if effective could prove to be an answer ( with all its adverse events)
4) A cock-tail of vaccine might have a higher probability of protective effect but that too could fail
5) The waves and surges of Covid are bound to occur after certain intervals of “unlocking” and “normal” life (causing complacency) beyond few years (2–5 years)

Not to be pessimistic, but the real answer to Covid could prove to be an anti-viral therapeutic strategy and not a vaccine in coming decade ! A vaccine may prove to be a myth eventually ! Social Distancing could be a norm in coming 2–5 years with masking and “anti-viral” sanitation an essential part of daily life.
A scientist in me has analyzed the clinical data logically, the human soul in me is optimistic and hopeful that thinks would not be that bad and the virus will eventually “die” and disappear from this world !!